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Revelstoke Road Summer Extension Car Park.

A number of years ago, National Rail laid down hard core in the strip of land contiguous with the Revelstoke Road car park so that their heavy vehicles could be parked there while extensive work was carried out on the rail / underground track bed. Since then, this added parking space has proved most useful during the summer months when the number of visitors to Wimbledon Park is greatly increased.
However, the increased use of the Revelstoke Road car park and the summer extension has created a series of problems which the Heritage Group and the Council have addressed with the creation of a plan for the improvement of the extension car park. The key issues are:
* Determining traffic priority where the main and extension car parks meet. This is solved by creating a mini-roundabout at the junction.
* Safety of pedestrians. New paths around both the main and extension car parks to provide easy and safe walking for pedestrians.
* Unauthorised use of Revelstoke Road car park. New signage has been implemented to advise visitors that the car park is for park visitors only. The Council has begun to monitor vehicles that may make unauthorised use of the car park.
* Disabled driver parking bays. These have now been introduced into the main car park and will also be located in the summer extension.
* Cycle racks. These will be introduced in the main car park.
* Unsightly appearance of the summer extension car park. A green substrate will be laid down in the area of the extension car park. Within this substrate will be topsoil mixed with grass seed, so that grass will grow though the substrate thus providing a green area all year round which will be strong enough for cars to be parked on.

Unfortunately this plan was not successful in gaining political support, however it may be that the area intended may receive a honeycomb substrate so that it would act as an extension to the car park when needed and when not would remain as grass turf. Have to admit that the grass turf looks a lot better than the Council's plan.

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