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World Class Tennis Courts and the Wimbledon Park Tennis Club.

On the 29th of May, 2003, people from the London Borough of Merton, the All England Lawn Tennis Club and youngsters from everywhere, showed up in Wimbledon Park to see Sue Barker and The Honourable Mayor of Merton, Maxi Martin open the Park's new tennis courts. This was a joint venture between the All England and Merton where the All England provided the funds and Merton provided a concession for the Lawn Tennis Association to mount events on the new courts in Wimbledon Park.
Everybody is a winner with this type of a transaction, particularly young people as the main LTA offering is to give kids a chance to play tennis with some of the best coaches around to help with their game. A really good way to get connected with a tennis ball and enjoy what the game has to offer.
The courts are state-of-the-art astro-turf which are just lovely to play on. Also all of the fencing around the courts has been replaced with new fences, so the whole facility is now world class standard.
Wimbledon Park now has ten astro-turf courts and ten asphalt courts, with the latter being re-laid in 2004/5.
To book a court telephone 020 8879 0611 Monday - Friday 09:00 and 10:30 in the morning or 16:00 to Close in the afternoon and for weekends 09:00 to 18:00. Visit the attached link for information about joining the Wimbledon Park Tennis Club and take advantage of court fee discounts:
Please help to keep the tennis courts tidy by using the litter bins.
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